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HostPilot is an admin's central point of control over users, devices and applications. Learn more. Outlook Web Access and Personal Email Settings. DeskPilot Login Webmail and personal settings for POP email users. Account Login Manage users and account settings. Partner login. Visit our Partner Portal. Get support. Find answers to your questions in our support section. Recently migrated?

As the foundation of Intermedia’s Office in the Cloud, Exchange Email can be bundled with up to 30 other Intermedia services. VIEW PLANS AND PRICING. Exchange Email Add-ons. Email Archiving. Intermedia Office Apps. Cloud PBX. SecuriSync® Backup. 17/06/40 · With OWA, users can access these file types even if the program the file is derived from isn’t installed on their computer. Intermedia hosted Exchange customers can access their mailbox through OWA by navigating to the unified login page, selecting webmail and. Intermedia is a leading one-stop shop for Unified Communications, Exchange email, VoIP, file sharing, & other business cloud services. Learn more today! Exchange Email is only the beginning Let Intermedia help you decide which plan and combination of options is right for your business, whether you need Exchange Email, Email and Microsoft Office applications, compliance and security options, or enhanced versions of Office 365. But you also need to consider data backup, disaster recovery, communication, GDPR compliance, security, and more. That’s why Intermedia enhances Office 365 with key integrated cloud services, providing the essential features and functionality your business needs—all as one solution.

Intermedia's system status dashboard shows the status of your networks and servers. Customer Login HostPilot Control Panel Check the system status on the welcome page. Partner Login Intermedia's Partner Portal Click "Service status" for the system status details. Products. Log in to manage individual voice services, including 800 numbers, Internet faxing and more. This article describes how to manage the storage on your account. Important: if you would like to confirm billing, plan and pricing information, contact Customer Service and Billing at 1-800-379-7729 option 4. Account storage is being calculated for different services separately: Exchange Mailboxes/OWA-Only Mailboxes; POP/IMAP Mailboxes. 28/08/40 · Check that the OWA protocol is enabled in HostPilot > Users > Username > Exchange > Advanced settings: Protocols. Make sure you are not logged in to HostPilot or My Services or to OWA as another user as this may cause conflicted sessions. Try to login in another browser and try to clear the browser’s cache.

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